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Taking Part: Pros and cons of taking part

Both treatments are used across the NHS currently for your type of fracture and are not new or experimental so there are no additional risks to those associated with routine practice.

Pros and cons of taking part

If you receive surgery there is a small risk of complications, such as infection or nerve injury.

These are the same for any patient having this operation, whether they are in a research study or not. The reason a doctor may recommend surgery is because they believe the bones heal quicker – although this is not proven.

Treatment in a cast & splint removes the specific risks of surgery but with this treatment there is a small risk that the arm may be painful for longer and it is estimated that approximately 1 of every 5 patients require further treatment (usually surgery) because the bones did not fully heal.

Both treatments are used across the NHS so there is no specific advantage to you for taking part in the study. However, your participation would help us improve treatment for future patients with similar injuries. The study will also provide information on the best use of resources within the NHS.

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