HUSH Patient Information

We would like to invite you to take part in a research study investigating two different types of treatment for your broken arm.

HUSH trial animation

Before you decide to participate in the study we would like you to understand why the study is being done, and what it will involve for you.

Please take the time to watch our video animation which explains the study.

Please also read the information on this website. If there is anything that is not clear, or you would like more information, please ask us. Discuss it with friends and relatives if you wish, the research team are ready to answer any questions you have.


The HUSH trial is comparing two different types of treatment for a broken arm – surgery and cast-and-brace.

There is currently no high quality evidence that either treatment is a better option in terms of recovery and overall quality of life. Our aim is to directly compare these two methods of treating fractures of the upper arm.

Both treatments are routinely used across the NHS for your type of fracture and are not new or experimental. There are no additional risks from the treatments when participating in the study.

Improve treatment

Both treatments are used across the NHS so there is no specific advantage to you for taking part in the study.

However, your participation would help us improve treatment for future patients with similar injuries. The study will also provide information on the best use of resources within the NHS.

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